Waxy’s Irish Pub

Traditional Pubs


“Good music, good food and a whole lot of heart”

This venue is great. If you take the time to look at the venue itself you will notice that it has a quirky gothic theme but what I loved the most was that their was a space or every type of gathering. The upstairs lounge for larger parties, the downstairs lounge for those more intimate parties, the busy bar where you can get a good view of those onstage for the kareoke and there are even two terraces outside so you can choose to be as close to or as far away from the banging tunes as you want to. The staff is a close knit family. They work well together and Nigel is a brilliant entertainer – he opens the Kareoke night with a performance of his own and introduces each person brave enough to get up on stage with their own personal introduction. Thank you to the Waxy’s family for some unforgettable experiences.

Visited May 2014 by Joy B