Got something good? Tell people about it

On a recent visit to London we passed this pub which told us how they had a “bloody lovely garden”. It’s so important to tell people about what you have thats good! We might never have visited this pub without seeing that message and you know what ……..they DID have a bloody lovely garden!! AND […]

Delighted to be involved with Durty Nelly’s

Durty Nelly’s is one of Ireland’s oldest pubs and we were delighted to be asked to advise on its upgrade. Located at the foot of Bunratty Castle it is a tourist haven and also a beloved landmark. Our design direction was to always think “authentic and heritage” for every decision that was made. Known for […]

Little things make big things happen

It’s the little details that are vital when it comes to design. Tom Collins created this beautiful mirror for us for the Red Hen main back bar centerpiece. The gold leaf vintage mirror design is unique and adds another layer of intrinsic drama to the scheme…….

Kearns Pub and Country Kitchen

Here is the shopfront drawing which we prepared for Claire Kearns who opened her Kearns Pub and Country Kitchen a few weeks ago. You can see how having a drawing showing colours and signage can really help visualize the final outcome. We wish Claire and family all the best and if you are passing by […]

Continuing Heritage through Authentic Craftmanship

Our brief for the famous Heritage Pub, O’Neill’s on Suffolk Street, Dublin was that anything we do must feel authentic, as if it was there a long time. The first step was to match an existing porch floor to a porch which was designed with 50 year old terrazzo and inset letters. Our terrazzo expert […]

How to make your Shopfront work hard for you (and increase footfall)

Many people decide whether to go in to a Pub by assessing its Shopfront’s appearance. This is a totally subconscious process which is based on many criteria. Women are particularly sensitive when it comes to this so if you get it right it can make a big difference. Personally I want to feel comfortable walking […]

Attracting Women through Design

 Here is a recent article which I wrote for the Vintners Federation Ireland magazine highlighting how pubs and bars can better attract women: Recently my husband and I were passing through a small town in Ireland, a town that we were not familiar with. We wanted to watch Katie Taylor’s Olympic boxing match and so […]