Halloween Pub Decor Tips

When it comes to Halloween Pub Decor I always try to keep it Simple and Classic. AVOID THE WITCHES AND GHOSTS Unless you can do it spectacularly well avoid the witches and ghosts and cheap plastic items – anyone can bung up a few cheap decorations but customers are much more discerning now, they are […]

Pub Flowers – Nice touch

This is not a pub with pub flowers but the idea of matching the flowers with the shopfront colour’s works so well I had to take a picture. I spotted this shopfront on holidays in the west of Ireland, an area famous for its colourful street frontages. The idea of matching flowers with the shopfront […]

Pub Theme – It’s the Little Things

                                      We had great fun creating a Pub Theme  for The Hudson Rooms Gastropub. When we first visited the unit it was a tall raw space which looked almost like a New York loft. The idea of […]

Pub Pictures – Repetition really works

This wall layout would work well for a Pub Pictures display.  The same repeating frame along with the large quantity of pictures all in alignment is very dramatic. The sepia colour of the pictures adds character and a feeling of heritage.

Classic Irish Pub Shopfront

I discovered a Classic Irish Pub Shopfront in Kilkee. It’s got everything I love about a traditional shopfront. The classic Irish small townhouse building with a gorgeous timber shopfront with neat little corbels all painted the same colour as the building. It has lovely marble effect letters in a classic font, cute net curtains and […]

Display of Vintage Tools in a Pub

Doesn’t this look like a great way to display vintage tools on a pub wall? I think the size of the frames has alot to do with how this looks so good. The ornate gold frames are bulky and deep so the tools sit into them very well. The dark grey wall is a beautiful […]

How Small Can a Table be?

I’m fascinated to see this 500mm wide table. It’s about 2 meters long. It just shows you that in certain places people will sit at a narrow table. It is cramped but they don’t seem to mind as the product is great….it’s a healthy option style deli/cafe.

Ceiling Design-Bringing a flat ceiling to life

We recently created this simple inexpensive detail for one of our bar ceilings. It is simply MDF cut into 70mm wide strips and fitted to the ceiling and painted. The curve is a bit more tricky but curves are not necessary –  just have 2 layers of border rectangles or even divide into a series […]

Pub Flexibility – Chameleon Effect

Pub Flexibility: The Chameleon Effect Often a publicans design brief is multi faceted and needs to be different things to a variety customers at different times. These needs can emerge over time but sometimes publicans are quite clear from the start as to who their potential customer is and what they are going to offer […]

Got something good? Tell people about it

On a recent visit to London we passed this pub which told us how they had a “bloody lovely garden”. It’s so important to tell people about what you have thats good! We might never have visited this pub without seeing that message and you know what ……..they DID have a bloody lovely garden!! AND […]

Pub colours – Colour Psychology

Marketing studies show us that all consumers are moved to act by the colours and shapes they find in the marketplace. Different consumer groups simply respond differently to specific colours and shapes and so can make or break your business. Louis Cheskin founder of the colour research institute wrote about the power of colours and […]

Changes in the Pub Market : Have you allowed for them in your marketing plan??

INCREASE IN NEW PUB OWNERS “The amount of pubs changing hands last year was more than double that of the previous year as the sales market improves. Forty six premises changed hands in 2014, compared to just 20 in 2013. The 130 per cent increase was the busiest year for transactions in the sector since […]

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